I have been thinking a lot lately about how power asserts and re-asserts itself, in politics, alumni groups, religion, fraternalism, families, etc.

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Santa Claus

My name is Rashid Darden and I like nostalgia.

I’ve had a rough past couple of weeks. Depending on how you look at life, one could say it’s been a rough past couple of years. But this post is not about that. It’s about how a little nostalgia and a commercial flop of a movie made me have a better day.

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A Funeral Procession

My name is Rashid Darden and I like dreams.

Last night I dreamed in two parts. The first part is too saucy to discuss. The second part is that I was standing on 2nd and Kennedy in Northwest DC and a funeral procession was getting organized near me. I have no idea whose funeral it was, but the casket was pretty ornate–covered with blue pastel scalloped drapery.

2020: Year in Review

When I was in my late 20s, I learned that people sent out year-end updates about their lives to their friends and family members. Such letters were seen not only as normal, but as polite. College friends of mine were the first people I knew who did this.

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