I found Randi Ayala

My name is Rashid Darden and I like being persistent.

This morning, when I realized I still didn’t know where Randi Ayala from CBS 17 (Raleigh) went, I went back to Facebook. This time, I found her professional page. (What I was doing before, I don’t know, but I sure didn’t see it the first time.)

Turns out she went to DC! She’s now on WUSA-9, which was my network of choice before I left. I think I remember her saying on the air that she was from the area–or, urrea–before. In any case, she had been an intern at WUSA before becoming a production assistant.

I’m happy for her. I found her to be a great anchor and reporter and I’m looking forward to her continued glow-up.

As for me? My “nudge word” for 2023 is regeneration.

Like a Time Lord, I choose to be born again rather than allow the failures and disappointments of my past selves to define me.

Instead, I choose to learn from the failures while leaning into the successes. I choose to find my people and to be open to being loved in the way that I deserve. I choose to become new again while building on the foundation I laid for myself years ago.

I am a new man, but I am the same old ‘Shid.

I’m not sure where I’m going, but I know who I’ll be when I get there.
My name is Rashid Darden.