Honorable Mention – Genre Fiction- North Street Book Prize

I have been awarded Honorable Mention in Genre Fiction for the North Street Book Prize!

The North Street Book Prize is an award for self-published books in the categories of mainstream/literary fiction, genre fiction, creative nonfiction/memoir, poetry, children’s picture book, graphic novel & memoir, and art book.

The award comes with a cash prize of $250, a biography on their site, and a public critique! Here’s some of what they said:

“Darden uses dialogue with skill to differentiate the characters and bring their youth culture to life on the page. The students speak in slang that was sometimes unfamiliar to the judges, but nonetheless easy to comprehend from context. Their language has a rapid music all its own, showing how bonded they are and how they understand each other’s deepest thoughts with few words spoken. Fittingly, their teachers speak in more formal English, either with an eloquence that demonstrates their charisma, or with the dullness of bureaucrats who have given up on helping these students beat the odds.”

I am thrilled to receive this honor and I am so grateful to my Patrons! You are responsible for providing me the sort of lifestyle that allows me to write award-winning work and submit it for recognition!